Grills – $25

All grills served with either Salad, Chips or Vegies

Chicken Breast (2 pieces)
Lamb Cutlets (3 pieces)
*Please specify your choice of sauce: Mushroom, Peppercorn or Dianne

Spare Ribs

Drenched in our famous BBQ sauce with Italian salad and Garlic bread
(a) Rack (small) $22
(b) Rack (Medium) $27
(c) Rack (Large)$32
*Ribs are served with garlic bread & italian salad


Main Courses

All served with any of the two sides. Season vegetables, Salad or Garlic Bread
Pollo Avocado$29.50
Chicken breast fillet with prawns, avocado, brandy & cream topped with walnuts.
Pollo Cacciatore$29.50
Chicken breast fillet pan-fried with roasted capsicum, mushrooms, olives, basil and fresh tomato.
Filetto Mare & Monte$29.50
Steak with mushrooms, prawns, Dijon-mustard cream and tomatoes.
Chicken Parmigiana$29.50
Succulent crumbed chicken topped with neopolitana sauce & parmesan cheese.


* All prices are subject to change without notice
* Dine-in prices vary slighty